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Opening SMS app from feature phone's mobile browser?

Via Python/Django or HTML, is it possible to access/open the SMS app from a mobile browser?

It's okay if the SMS is routed through the user's own mobile carrier (like normally), and is billed to the said user as well. I don't want to create my own SMS gateway to provide a platform for sending such messages. I'm only interested in calling the SMS functionality from the mobile browser.

I've seen examples of:

<a href="sms://+14035550185">Send an SMS</a>
But I'm unsure how extensively they work. I need a robust solution that works across an expansive range of mobile browsers (esp. old-school feature phones). I don't want to have to use HTML5 or Javascript. Most old-school feature phone browsers I'm targeting aren't Javascript-enabled - so it's a bottleneck.

Answer Source

I added the following in my template and got the desired results: <a href="sms:+1234?body={{ link.description }}" style="color:blue;background-color:#FFA500">SMS</a>

Don't mind the Django tag: {{ link.description }}

The generic usage for anyone is <a href="sms:1234567?body=hello world">Send SMS</a>and it's best defined here: http://demosthenes.info/blog/856/Send-a-SMS-Text-From-A-Link

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