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Javascript Question

Google Maps: Calculate position not covered by div overlay

Following situation:

  • My google maps div occupies the entire screen (100% width and height)

  • A button toggles the visibility of a div overlay (sidebar) that occupies the right side of the map

  • A marker is on the map that can get hidden underneath the white overlay

  • To avoid the marker being hidden I want to move the map to the right so that the marker is visible in the center of the yellow area left of the box

  • The page is bootstrap+angular based

enter image description here

The collision check box vs. marker is not the problem, but I can't get it to work to move the map accordingly.

This is what I tried:

google.maps.event.addListenerOnce($, "projection_changed", function() {
$scope.projection = $;

var sidebar = document.getElementById('sidebar');
var rect = sidebar.getBoundingClientRect();

var marker = $scope.mainmarker.getPosition();
marker = $scope.projection.fromLatLngToPoint(marker);
marker.x = rect.left / 2;
marker = $scope.projection.fromPointToLatLng(marker);

But from what I see the map is moved way too far.

Answer Source

I settled with this solution that works quite well for me:

   if (underneath === true) {
        var marker = $scope.mainmarker.getPosition();
        var pixelpoint = $scope.projection.fromLatLngToPoint(point);
        pixelpoint.x += 250 / Math.pow(2, $;
        point = $scope.projection.fromPointToLatLng(pixelpoint);
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