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Enums and casting

This is my first time when it comes to casting and enums, so yea I came across this problem while trying to cast.

Assume I have the following enum

enum Region

and a function that reads a file that has a list of data

void loadData(castle &al3a, queue &q, float &c1, float &c2, float &c3)
int i = 0;
ifstream myfile;
int n = 0;
if (myfile.fail())
cout << "Error" << endl;
else {
string line;
while (!myfile.eof())
getline(myfile, line);
string line2;
int T_Health;
int T_Attack_N_Enemies;
int T_Fire_Power;

myfile >> T_Health >> T_Attack_N_Enemies >> T_Fire_Power;
getline(myfile, line2);
myfile >> c1 >> c2 >> c3;
getline(myfile, line2);
int a,b,c,d,e,f;
char g;
enemy x;
for (int i = 0; i < n - 3; i++)
myfile >> a >> b >> c >> d >> e >> f >> g;
x.ID = a;
x.type = static_cast<Type>(b);
x.time_step = c;
x.Health = d;
x.fire_power = e;
x.reload_power = f;
x.region = static_cast<Region>(g);
enqueue(q, x);
getline(myfile, line2);
for (int i = 0; i < 4; i++)
al3a.towers[i].Health = T_Health;
al3a.towers[i].attackEnemies = T_Attack_N_Enemies;
al3a.towers[i].firePower = T_Fire_Power;
al3a.towers[i].Tregion = (Region)i;
// shielded enemies have higher priority than ordinary enemies
/*Priority(Shielded Enemy) = C1 * (EnemyFirePower / EnemyDistance) + C2 / (EnemeyRemaining time to shoot + 1) + EnemyHealth * C3*/

the data file should look something like the photo uploaded.
each row represents an Enemy, the first column is the ID,the second is the type,third is time_step,fourth is Health,anyways the last one is the region.
the queue somehow is implemented successfully but when I try to
I end up getting 65 or 66.. etc pointing out to the ASCII code of A and B.. how do I cast the array to print out the A or B

P.S: type is also an enum with the same problem as the one stated prior

Picture: https://postimg.org/image/dqtftkya5/

Answer Source

If your char variable contains 'a', it does contain an ascii value (97). You should not be casting such value to enum unless you know what you are doing. Enums in C++ are usually stored on 8 bits (which is the same size as size of char) (I am not sure if this is standardized) so your x.region contains same value (ASCII) as your char g (that is why std::cout prints the ASCII value).

Doing enum cast is usually done only if your integral type is in enum's range (so if enum contains 4 elements, you should cast only integral values of range 0-3).

If you are interested in enum type behavior, you should look at this answer.

Moreover you should take a look at c++11 enum classes and this answer about mapping chars to enum class types, which might be what you are looking for.

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