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Adding a single query result into JMeter report

I have JMeter plan that starts with a single JDBC sampler query that captures session ID from the Teradata database (

). Same plan also has large number of JDBC samplers with complicated queries producing large output that I don't want to include in the report.

If I configure summary report and tick
Save Response Data (XML)
then the output from all sampler queries will be saved

How do I add only first query result (it's a single integer) into the test summary report and ignore results from all other queries? For example is there a way to set
responseData = false
after the first query output is captured?

Answer Source

Maybe sample_variables property can help?

  1. Define something in "Variable Names" section of the JDBC Request, i.e. put session reference name there like:

    enter image description here

  2. Add the next line to file (lives in Jmeter's "bin" folder)


    or alternatively pass it via -J command-line argument like:

    jmeter -Jsample_variables=session_1 -n -t /path/to/testplan.jmx -l /path/to/results.csv

    You need to use session_1 not session. As per JDBC Request Sampler documentation:

    If the Variable Names list is provided, then for each row returned by a Select statement, the variables are set up with the value of the corresponding column (if a variable name is provided), and the count of rows is also set up. For example, if the Select statement returns 2 rows of 3 columns, and the variable list is A,,C, then the following variables will be set up:

    A_#=2 (number of rows)

    A_1=column 1, row 1

    A_2=column 1, row 2

    C_#=2 (number of rows)

    C_1=column 3, row 1

    C_2=column 3, row 2

    So given your query returns only 1 row containing 1 integer - it will live in session_1 JMeter Variable. See Debugging JDBC Sampler Results in JMeter article for comprehensive information on working with database query results in JMeter.

  3. When test completes you'll see an extra column in .jtl results file holding your "session" value:

    Sample Variables value

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