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Download/Retrieve existing Elastic Beanstalk environment configuration

I have setup an elastic beanstalk application and environment using the AWS Web Console. Everything works well and as needed. Now we would like grab all the configuration for this environment so that we can setup this environment again, possibly using EB CLI for maintenance and deployment purposes (we are looking to transition to a different AWS account and clone it over there). I tried the

eb config get
using the EB CLI but I get the error
git:(master) ✗ eb config get our-env-test ERROR: Elastic Beanstalk could not find any saved configuration with the name "our-env-test".

Answer Source

It looks like I should be using the config name returned by the command eb config list and not the environment name. For example, in my case the environment name was our-env-test. So when I run the command eb config list I get back our-env-test-config. Now when I run the command eb config get our-env-test-config

>> eb config get our-env-test-config
    Configuration saved at: /Users/me/our-env/.elasticbeanstalk/saved_configs/our-env-test-config.cfg.yml

The resulting config file is stored in the .elasticbeanstalk directory NOTE: Even before all this you need to initialize the directory with the appropriate EB project by running eb init command

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