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Install lisp on my linux machine

I use Vim as my editor. "Practical common Lisp" suggest installing Lispbox, I don't know how to use emacs, don't know how to run lisp code with that T.T after that i find lisp plugin for vim called limp.vim with a long and hard install instruction :((
Finally i installed "Clisp" and i can run lisp code with a simple command:

clisp ~/test.lisp

But how to compile it? Is lisp a compiled language? sorry, i just don't know anything, i'm newbie in lisp

Can anybody tell me what exactly need to install lisp on my linux? What's SLIME, sbcl,.. etc.?

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Install and learn the following things:

  • SBCL the compiler

install a binary from http://www.sbcl.org/platform-table.html Once your used to it, compile from source and keep the source around. This way you can easily jump to the definitions of functions of SBCL with M-. in Emacs.

  • Emacs

watch this screencast to see someone implementing a raytracer Raytracer in Common Lisp

This is the new package management. When I started it wasn't there. Now we have it and you should use it. It makes things a lot easier. Run 'sbcl --load quicklisp.lisp' and then enter (quicklisp-quickstart:install) press enter and then run (ql:add-to-init-file)

  • SLIME runs within Emacs.

    Try installing it with quicklisp. Read its manual and figure out what to write into your .emacs file so that it automatically starts when you open a lisp file. Optionally watch a screencast.

  • Paredit

Seriously, you have to learn that (even if the guy in the raytracing screencast didn't use it). You should start with ( , this will make two parenthesis. With M-( you can enclose an existing s-expression. C-k cuts the s-expression behind the cursor and with C-y you can insert it anywhere.

  • ASDF

This is the make for lisp. You should learn how to define a system in an ASDF file.

  • Reference

I printed this booklet clqr. It's very concise.

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