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Combining factor level in R

I would like combine level "A","B" into "A+B". I successfully did this by the following:

x <- factor(c("A","B","A","C","D","E","A","E","C"))
#[1] A B A C D E A E C
#Levels: A B C D E
l <- c("A+B","A+B","C","D+E","D+E")
#[1] A+B A+B A+B C D+E D+E A+B D+E C
#Levels: A+B C D+E

Is there any more trivial way to do this? (i.e. more explainable function name such as combine.factor(f, old.levels, new.levels) would help to understand the code easier.)

Also, I try to find a well named function which probably work with data frame in dplyr package but no luck. The closest implementation is

df %>% mutate(x = factor(l[as.numeric(x)]))

Answer Source

One option is recode from car

recode(x, "c('A', 'B')='A+B';c('D', 'E') = 'D+E'")
#[1] A+B A+B A+B C   D+E D+E A+B D+E C  
#Levels: A+B C D+E

It should also work with dplyr

df %>%
   mutate(x= recode(x, "c('A', 'B')='A+B';c('D', 'E') = 'D+E'"))
#    x
#1 A+B
#2 A+B
#3 A+B
#4   C
#5 D+E
#6 D+E
#7 A+B
#8 D+E
#9   C


df <- data.frame(x)
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