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Bash Question

How do I run a command on all files in a folder (which has sub-folders) using ExifTool?

I have a folder called Photos & Videos.

It has folders for the various years for which I have photos and videos.

The year folders have folders for months and the months folders have folders for the days of that month.

The days folders contain all my image and video files.

Now, I want to run commands on all these files using one single exiftool command.

For example, to remove the metadata of all files in a folder, I'm running this type of command on every single day folder one at a time.

exiftool -all= -overwrite_original Documents/Personal/Photos\ \&\ Videos/2015/3-2015/7-3-2015/ .

The problem is I have too many days folders.

So, is there a way I can target all the files in the Photos & Videos folder all at the same time using one single command.

Please help

Answer Source

Add -r to your command. -r will recuse into all the subdirectories.

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