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Angular inject $state service in config to redirect to a state in an interceptor

I am using restangular and I have an interceptor. The idea is that for every response 401 the interceptor should redirect to a different state.

The problem is that angular does not allow the injection of services in config. It only allows the injection of providers.

How can I have access to the

$state: ng.ui.IStateService
in my restangular interceptor?

I know I could inject the provider
$stateProvider: ng.ui.IStateProvider
but I don't think there is any way to navigate to certain state from the provider.

This is what I have:

/// <reference path="../../typings/globals/restangular/index.d.ts" />

((): void => {
"use strict";


configRestangular.$inject = [

function isCustomValidationErrorResponse(response: restangular.IResponse) {
return (response.data && response.data.customValidationError === true);

function configRestangular(
$state: ng.ui.IStateService,
restangularProvider: restangular.IProvider,
authSettings: IAuthSettings,
stateNames: IStateNames,
apiUrl: string) {

// restangular settings

restangularProvider.setErrorInterceptor((response: restangular.IResponse, deferred: ng.IDeferred<any>) => {
if (response.status === 401) {
$state.go(stateNames.login); //this will fail because $state cannot be injected here and I don't know how to navigate to a different state from $stateProvider
return true;

Answer Source

The way would be - configure Restangular.setErrorInterceptor in the .run() phase (check the Restangular not RestangularProvider). There we can get the $state as expected

See also:

Configuring in the run

// Here I inject the service BaseUrlCalculator which I need
app.run(function(Restangular, BaseUrlCalculator) {
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