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React JSX Question

React Redux with redux-observable use the router to navigate to a different page after async action complete

I am using redux-observable and this is my login epic:

const login = ( action$ ) => {
return action$.ofType(SessionActions.LOGIN_USER)
.flatMap(( {payload} ) => {
return sessionService.login(payload)
.do(payload => {
// Here I want to redirect the user back to his last location
}).map(result => ({
type: SessionActions.LOGIN_SUCCESS,
payload: result

But how I am redirecting the user to a different page after the login action success.

What is the redux way to do this?

Answer Source

I'm totally new to react/redux, but I face the same problem as you, so I create a small APP with a login page.

// On your Login.JS you could implement the component lifecycle

componentWillReceiveProps(nextProps) {
    if (nextProps.isAuthenticated){

So, when your 'action' send to the 'reducer' the type: LOGIN_SUCCESS your going to change the corresponding state and when your component 'receive props' your going to check and redirect. I hope this small example help you.

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