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Cocoapods - Unable to find a Specification for [Github framework]

When trying to

pod install
a new
into an existing Xcode (iOS) project, I get the following error message from Terminal:
[!] Unable to find a specification for 'XCDYouTubeKit (~> 2.1.1)'
. The Podfile that I was trying to load looks like this:

# Uncomment this line to define a global platform for your project
# platform :ios, '6.0'

target 'DemoApp' do

pod 'XCDYouTubeKit', '~> 2.1.1'


target 'DemoAppTests' do


target 'TheDayByDay' do


Additionally, the file structure for my Xcode project is as follows:

Podfile (file)
Pods (directory)
DemoApp (directory)
DemoApp.xcodeproj (file)
DemoAppTests (directory)

What about this installation is not working? Where am I going wrong? I'm running Cocoapods
. Am I missing a
pod spec
file? I don't understand what it is or what the file structure of such a file would like.

Answer Source

Citing your conversation in the comments, you'll want to execute sudo rm -fr ~/.cocoapods/repos/master because it'll remove all the bogus and corrupted repos that you have in your computer to give it a chance to repopulate after you redo pod setup, which'll reinstate you with a fresh Cocoapods setup. Additionally, you'll want to specify sudo xcode-select --switch /applications/Xcode.app where your new version of Xcode is. That was just another setup procedure that I had to do to complete the fix. From there, just do pod setup and you're set to run pod install to integrate all the libraries that you want!

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