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AngularJS Question

Angular DOM event namespace

How do I namespace my DOM events in AngularJS?

I have some directives that bind mouse events on the Document:


After mouseup I do:


And then some other directives does not work, because events were destroyed.

In Angular's documentation for angular.element is written:

on() — Does not support namespaces, selectors or eventData

Well, but I think I need event namespaces to target which events to remove. So, what should I do?

Answer Source

Even though jqLite doesn't support namespaces (yet, at least), you can always use .off() with a handler param, to specify which listener you should remove. For example:

function mouseMoveHandler() {
  // do some stuff
$document.on('mousemove', mouseMoveHandler);
// ... and later on
$'mousemove', mouseMoveHandler);
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