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Javascript Question

Modifying key string in array object

I have the following array of object :

[{url:"http://www.url1",value: "number1"},{url:"http://www.url2",value: "number2"},{url: "http://www.url3", value: "number3"},etc...]

I would like to replace all the
with an empty string.

looking at some answers, I've found this :

var resultArr ={return x.replace(/http://www./g, '');});

However it doesn't apply in my case since
is only working for array.

so I've also look at this :

array = [{url:1,value: 2},{url:3,value: 4},{url: 5, value: 6}]

Object.keys(array).map(function(url, value) {
array[value] *= 2;

but return me this :
[undefined, undefined, undefined]
. Moreover for this last solution I don't really know where I should use
.replace(/,/g, '')

any idea ?

Answer Source

es5: {
  return {
    value: element.value,
    url: element.url.replace('http://www.', '')

es6+: => ({
   url: element.url.replace('http://www.', '')
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