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XAML intellisense not working for <StaticResource/>

I'm writing XAML/WPF and sometimes use object-element syntax to reference a static resource:

<StaticResource ResourceKey="theResourceKey"/>

This seems consistent with the StaticResource Markup Extension docs and is the only option I know of in some cases, e.g.:

<TranslateTransform3D OffsetX="0.5" OffsetY="0.5"/>
<StaticResource ResourceKey="PlateScaleTransform"/>

The problem is, I get no intellisense suggesting
, but once I've typed it I do get intellisense suggesting
. Anyone have ideas why the former intellisense suggestion isn't working?

Answer Source

It has been long enough, I'm convinced it's a bug/omission. People can up-vote the problem report via the "Report a Problem" tool:

enter image description here

Search for "No Intellisense for StaticResource", and there is a submission to up-vote:

enter image description here

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