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Apache Configuration Question

DNS record with different ports

I have a very cheap VPS with the IP
which listens on these ports: 7000, 7001, ... 7020. Apache listens on port 7010. Then I can access my website with

As this is a shared IP, I cannot listen on port 80 myself with my VPS: I only have access to 7000 ... 7020.

I have registered a domain
by a domain provider and I'm using their nameservers.

How to set up the DNS records such that any user going on will be transparantly directed to my website, with Apache ? (the browser will probably default to port 80, is that right?)

I initially thought about such a DNS record:

Name TTL Type Priority Content
* 3600 A 0

but then, I think I would have to access the website with (which is not nice) and not (which would be better).

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Unfortunately you cannot specify ports on DNS records. The only way to make it work as you expect is to have a reverse proxy running elsewhere (nginx, haproxy), listening on port 80, and then forward traffic to your server.

Some useful information about HTTP proxying with nginx:

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