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How to use GroupBy correctly from multiple joined table

hi im new in database query, i need some help to solve my proble, here is the table imagetable

and this is my query:

SELECT w.name as wholesaler_name, w.outlet_id,w.distributor_name, w.distributor_id, wt.name as tipe_plus, v.target, v.week as periode, sum(v.total_transaction), v.rebate, v.total_voucher
FROM voucher v
JOIN wholesalers w ON w.id=v.wholesaler_id
JOIN wholesaler_types wt ON w.wholesaler_type_id=wt.id
GROUP BY w.name, w.outlet_id, w.distributor_name, w.distributor_id, wt.name, v.target, v.week, v.rebate, v.total_voucher;

in period column, there is 2 same period (11.2017) for one wholesaler name, i want if that happen the total_transaction column will sum.
i use group by but the result is still same.
hope you can help.


Answer Source

chek total_vouchers column.

In your query everething will be ok if total_vouchers are same for 11.2017, because your query finaly step will want grouping by total_vouchers , in your result link i can not see total_vouchers, if they are not same for 11.2017 then exclude that column from group by and select or put that column in Sum(), Count().... (aggregate function) in select Section

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