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Perl Question

Vim plugin does not recognize existing Perl support

I've been using the CoqIDE plugin for Vim on Linux machines for editing Coq files. Now I'm trying to install it on Windows 8. But when I try to source the plugin, I get

Your vim doesn't support Perl. Install it before using CoqIDE mode.

which is strange, because with
I clearly see
included. Is this different from the
that I need?

I heard somewhere that you need to have Perl installed before Vim to get a Perl-enabled Vim, so I tried that as well. I uninstalled Vim, installed Strawberry Perl (64bit), and reinstalled Vim. Still the same problem.

If the solution involves manually compiling binaries, I would really appreciate detailed instructions as I don't have any experience with it.

Answer Source

+perl/dyn just specifies that Vim has been compiled with dynamic Perl support; it doesn't yet check that the Perl library can be loaded successfully. To do that, try executing a Perl command, e.g.:

:perl VIM::Msg("Hello")

This probably yields on your system:

E370: Could not load library perl510.dll
Sorry, this command is disabled: the Perl library could not be loaded.

Next, you'd then have to investigate whether a proper Perl version has been installed and the DLL is accessible (though the PATH).

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