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C#, Swift, AND Android in Visual Studio 2015

I'm still a coding/C# newbie. I've spent the last 30 days learning C# probably about 8-12 hours per day. That said, I'm trying to get a setup where I can build Android apps, do some Swift programming, and continue learning C#.

I am currently running Visual Studio Express 2015 and it's for the Desktop platform, not Windows 10 apps.

My question is, can I use Visual Studio to do all of these things in one combined installation? I ask this because I was just about to install Xamarin and then I also found this Silver compiler which ALSO says it includes Visual Studio 2015: http://www.elementscompiler.com/elements/silver/default.aspx .

However, I'm not sure if I were to install Xamarin and then try to install Silver, is the Silver's Visual Studio going to over-write the Xamarin or my original installation of the IDE? I want to have ONE Visual Studio installation that allows me to start C#, Swift, AND Android projects.

I am also slightly confused on the different variations of Visual Studio 2015. By having Express, do I already have Community or is this a different IDE?

Thank you.

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I would suggest you get Visual Studio Community instead of Express since Express is very limited. In community you are able to do all of those.

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