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Xcode6 error: "No matching provisioning profiles found for application"

I'm trying to submit my iOS app in Xcode6. When I click Submit or Validate in the organizer, a window pops up that says:

Failed to locate or generate matching signing assets:

Xcode attempted to locate or generate matching signing assets and failed to do so because of the following issues:

No matching provisioning profiles found for "Applications/”

None of the valid provisioning profiles allowed the specified entitlements: application-identifier, beta-reports-active, keychain-access-groups.

I have created a distribution provisioning profile for this app in the member center and it appears in Xcode.
I've looked around and have not found anything online that has told me how to fix this. Can anyone help? Thanks.


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There's a couple possibilities for your issue, but the main causes is what I got from experience as well as other SO answers.

  1. Your certificate or profile is outdated, in which case you have to go and regenerate your profiles again. I had this problem before, but Apple has described (partially) this issue.
  2. You haven't set your profile in the Build Settings/Code Signing area, along with the appropriate certificates. Verify your Team in General/Identity and ensure that your profile is properly set.

    From Xcode 5: Code signing entitlement errors (The image is a bit outdated, but its the same as Xcode 6): Build Settings Code Signing section

  3. You are using a beta version of Xcode.
  4. @jaytrixz states: "I just removed Entitlements.plist in Code Signing Entitlements under Build Settings" which could possibly work. Be sure that your provisioning profiles are configured as well.
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