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portaudio in visual studio 2015, missing .dll?

I'm trying to compile a c++ source file in visual studio 2015 which uses the port audio API, after downloading and compiling port audio I need to link the dll/lib files and any header files I need for the program. I managed to include the .lib and .h files easily but I am having trouble with the portaudio x86.dll file not being found, I don't know what problem is causing this or what further linking is required to include portaudio_x86.dll

Error message, .dll not found?
enter image description here

successfully included the.lib file, dll is in the same directory!!
enter image description here

linked the .lib file in additional directories, should I do the same with the .dll file here?
enter image description here

similar question at this link, helped my a little bit but didn't solve my problem :Visual studio 2010, PortAudio DLL compile and linking issues, C++

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Check my comment under the question.

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