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Tweepy (Twitter API) Not Returning all Search Results

I'm using the search feature with Tweepy for Twitter and for some reason the search results are limited to 15. Here is my code"Football",rpp=1000)

for result in results:
print "%s" %(clNormalizeString(result.text))

print len(results)

and only 15 results are returned. Does it have something to do with different pages of results or something?

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The question is more about Twitter API instead of tweepy itself.

According to the documentation, count parameter defines:

The number of tweets to return per page, up to a maximum of 100. Defaults to 15. This was formerly the "rpp" parameter in the old Search API.

FYI, you can use tweepy.Cursor to get paginated results, like this:

import tweepy

auth = tweepy.OAuthHandler(..., ...)
auth.set_access_token(..., ...)

api = tweepy.API(auth)
for tweet in tweepy.Cursor(,
    print tweet.created_at, tweet.text

See also:

Hope that helps.

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