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How to reduce the size of mp3s in linux?

Does anyone know of any linux software to reduce the size of mp3 files while having a minimal effect on quality?

I just used pngcrush to do this to all the pngs in our asset library with good results, and would love to be able to do the same to our mp3s. Even if there is a 10% reduction in file size that would be a decent win for me.

Any suggestions? It needs to be something i can call from a shell script.

cheers, max

Answer Source

You can use lame with the --mp3input option.

For example you can do a downsampling of the mp3 quality, specifing the a new lower bitrate using the -b option. For example if your starting mp3 has a quality of 256kbs you can lower it's bitrate to 128kbs:

lame --mp3input -b 128 input.mp3 output.mp3

Depending from the input file bitrate, the output.mp3 file has lower quality and so a file size reduction.

From the lame manuale page:

--mp3input Assume the input file is a MP3 file. Useful for downsampling from one mp3 to another. As an example, it can be useful for streaming through an IceCast server.

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