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How I can create mobile app of my website?

I want to convert my website to android app and searching for a tool our plugin which does this. Not sure this is possible or not. Also, I want manage my website and mobile app content from my website backend. kindly share with me the tool or code for this.

Sorry, I am just new to stackoverflow and here are the further details to narrow the answer.
What I want is - I have website and it running fine for, now I want to pack my website functionality into and app (.apk) i.e. .apk file (my app) should have all the features those are currently there in my website. So that I can upload the app to play store as well as on my website. So that user can download and installed it in their device and take advanage of all features of website. Also, whatever I update in my website should also reflect in the app.

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Websites developed using HTML5,Jquery and CSS3 behaves/looks like a native app, so if you have a website with above features you are almost there. But if you want some additional features such as PUSH Notification or want to Monetize Your Mobile Apps then you can use some plugins similar to .

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