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Confirmation dialog on ng-click - AngularJS

I am trying to setup a confirmation dialog on an

using a custom angularjs directive:

app.directive('ngConfirmClick', [
return {
priority: 1,
terminal: true,
link: function (scope, element, attr) {
var msg = attr.ngConfirmClick || "Are you sure?";
var clickAction = attr.ngClick;
element.bind('click',function (event) {
if ( window.confirm(msg) ) {

This works great but unfortunately, expressions inside the tag using my directive are not evaluated:

<button ng-click="sayHi()" ng-confirm-click="Would you like to say hi?">Say hi to {{ name }}</button>

(name is not evaluated is this case). It seems to be due to the terminal parameter of my directive. Do you have any ideas of workaround?

To test my code:

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If you don't mind not using ng-click, it works OK. You can just rename it to something else and still read the attribute, while avoiding the click handler being triggered twice problem there is at the moment.


I think the problem is terminal instructs other directives not to run. Data-binding with {{ }} is just an alias for the ng-bind directive, which is presumably cancelled by terminal.