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Silex Routing with wildcard throws error 500

I've just noticed that when there is a wrong URL like : ; the controller throws an error 500 instead of an error 404.

So, I tried to manually change the StatusCode when the controller checks the slug to retrieve the data :


$article = $app['dao.article']->getArticle($slug);
if (!$article) {
$response = new Response();

But it doesn't work and still throws an error 500.

Is that normal? We fully agree that this should be a 404?

I understand that it throws an error 500 because some variables are not defined (ie. the title of the article). Does that mean that in each variable call, I just check for its existence like:

{% if title is defined %}
{% endif %}


Thank you for your answer.

Answer Source

you can stop application with 404 error this way:

if (!$article) {


if (!$article) {
    throw new \Symfony\Component\HttpKernel\Exception\HttpException(404);
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