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How do I load html into a variable with jquery

I know I can load in html in to a div with:


but I want to do is load html into a variable like:

my_var = load("");

Any help is great.

I would like to loop though some items like:

HLS.functions.LoadSideModules = function() {
HLS.sideModuleContent = new Object();
for(var i = 0; i < HLS.currentModuleConfig.POLICIES.POLICY.length; i++) {
for(var y = 0; y < HLS.currentModuleConfig.POLICIES.POLICY[i].PAGES.PAGE.length; y++) {
for(var POS in HLS.currentModuleConfig.POLICIES.POLICY[i].PAGES.PAGE[y]) {
var item = HLS.currentModuleConfig.POLICIES.POLICY[i].PAGES.PAGE[y][POS];
if(!HLS.sideModuleContent[item]) {
HLS.sideModuleContent[item] = j.get(HLS.config.K2GETMODULE + HLS.currentModuleConfig.POLICIES.POLICY[i].PAGES.PAGE[y][POS]);

Answer Source
$.get("", function( my_var ) {
    // my_var contains whatever that request returned

Underneath jQuery will launch an ajax request which fires to the given URL. It also tries to intelligently guess which data is going to be received (if it's valid html you don't need to specify). If you need to get another data type just pass that in as last argument, for instance

$.get("", function( my_var ) {
    // my_var contains whatever that request returned
}, 'html');  // or 'text', 'xml', 'more'

Reference: .get()

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