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How do I convert an object from an external collection of items to an Integer type

How do I convert object data type to an integer?

I am trying to do a calculation on my application, reading the OPC item’s value. Objects are used to identify the OPC items within a server.

Here is what I am trying to do:

Itemvalues(0) * 1000 + itemvalues(1)

Itemvalues is the OPC item’s value.

Itemvalues is an object data type and it can contain any data type. But you have to convert it.

(*) is multiplication.

1000 is an integer

(+) is addition

Below is the code I tried:

Dim y As Object
Dim yR As Integer
Dim z As Object
Dim zR As Integer
Dim x = 1000

yR = CInt(y)
zR = CInt(z)

y = itemValues(1).Value
z = itemValues(2).Value
itemValues(1).Value = yR * x + zR

But it is displaying 0:

Which is the wrong calculation, and it is because the default value of Object is Nothing (a null reference).. How do I calculate this?


Your question is not entirely clear, but there is an obvious logic problem in your code.

You are assigning the values of yR and zR from the variables y and z before you are assigning anything to y and z. So these values will always be 0.

Swap the assignment order like this:

 y = itemValues(1).Value
 z = itemValues(2).Value 

yR = CInt(y)
zR = CInt(z)

There are other issues in your code but this is probably your immediate problem.