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strpos not working with $post method

I have a IF Statement where when i submit my page it is going to check if the time exists already and if so assign a value to my variable or echo out a message saying it found the time. Doesnt seem to be working though, i tried == true and !== false but no luck.

Below is code thanks.

$alarm = $_POST[add];
$alarms = explode("\n", shell_exec("crontab -l")); //grab schdules
array_pop($alarms); //remove empty last line

foreach($alarms as $alarm)
if (strpos($alarm, $alarm['alarmhour']) !== false)
$HourSuccess = "Correct";
$message121 = "We found the same time.. ";
echo "<script type='text/javascript'>alert('$message121');</script>";

is my post method which will have a value of 1-23.
is looping through my schedules and i have one in there lets say for 2 o clock. If i type two and try run, it doesnt find it?

P.s: When i echo out my
it returns the value i entered correctly.

Answer Source

You defined $alarm twice.

The first line defines $alarm as the value of a value from $_POST, which is OK.

The foreach line iterates $alarms with each value being stored to $alarm, which is also correct. But it will overwrite the original value.

Look at this line:

if(strpos($alarm, $alarm['alarmhour']) !== false)

Don't you think there is a problem using the same variable differently?

Instead, you should probably give a new name to the variable defined on line 1 (e.g. $postedAlarm), and refactor correct usages in lines below.

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