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How to get video height and width of Instagram video?

Is there a way to get video's height and width of Instagram video without using Instagram's API?

Example of Instagram video: https://www.instagram.com/p/BMB8fWIjcLT/embed/

Answer Source

The /media/<media-id> API endpoint will give you both height and weight in the response. From https://www.instagram.com/developer/endpoints/media/:

    "data": {
        "type": "video",
        "videos": {
            "low_resolution": {
                "url": "http://distilleryvesper9-13.ak.instagram.com/090d06dad9cd11e2aa0912313817975d_102.mp4",
                "width": 480,
                "height": 480
            "standard_resolution": {
                "url": "http://distilleryvesper9-13.ak.instagram.com/090d06dad9cd11e2aa0912313817975d_101.mp4",
                "width": 640,
                "height": 640
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