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Poco::Thread hangup on multiple start and join in quick succession

I'm stuck with an issue using Poco::Thread. This Code hangs at around 4K iterations. Built with GCC 4.6.1 for QNX5, POCO_VERSION 0x01040602.

#include "Poco/Thread.h"
using namespace Poco;

class SignalAdapter: public Runnable

virtual void run()
//printf( "This is thread %d\n", Thread::currentTid() );

int main() {
Thread oThread;
SignalAdapter oSignalAdapter{};

for (auto i = 0; i < 1e5; ++i)
if (oThread.isRunning())


However, it works fine using PThread directly, it also works fine on Windows. I would be glad for some help.

Answer Source

The internal state of a Poco::Thread is not thread safe (atomic). You will get a race condition in start(), join() and isRunning() leading to thread leaks (not joining the current Runnable).

Using g++ with -fsanitize=thread -static-libtsan:

WARNING: ThreadSanitizer: thread leak (pid=24366)
  Thread T1 (tid=32349, finished) created by main thread at:
    #0 pthread_create <null> (Test+0x0000004945e7)
    #1 Poco::ThreadImpl::startImpl(Poco::Runnable&) <null> (
    #2 __libc_start_main <null> (

  And 11 more similar thread leaks.

Looking into the sources of POCO, the Poco::Event (used internally by Poco::Thread`) seems to be the problematic part of the implementation.

I suggest not to use Poco::Thread and use std::thread (C++11), instead.

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