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How to dispose of an object that it created in a task?

I have a foreach loop that creates multiple tasks like this:

[edit: CreateDisposableAsync returns a Task[IDisposable]]


and later I await on all of these tasks, and catch any exceptions:

await Task.WhenAll(tasks);
catch (AggregateException)
// handle exceptions

but the call to CreateDisposableAsync() returns an IDisposable, which I want to be disposed whether or not there was an exception in any of the tasks. How can I do this?

[Edit: It turns out that the CreateDisposableAsync() function was disposing of its created object if itself threw an exception, so there was nothing wrong with the original code.]

Answer Source

From the comments

Q: with the exception of disposing the result do you do (or want to do) anything else with the result in the calling code

A: No I do not

The easiest way to do this is to have the CreateDisposableAsync method clean up its own resources before it returns and return Task instead of Task<IDisposable>. The existing calling code shown in the OP would not have to change.

// change the signature
async Task CreateDisposableAsync(){
   // use using blocks for anything that needs to be disposed
   // try/finally is also acceptable
   using(var someDisposableInstance = new SomethingDisposable()){
      // implementation
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