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Why am I getting admob clicks before iphone app is released

The past couple of iphone apps I have released have gotten clicks on admob before they even get released to the appstore! I do not know what's going on. Every time I test I always use the xcode simulator which uses test ads and I never install on my iphone! I do not want to get my admob account banned. Does anybody have any ideas about what is going on? I tried using different phones to archive and upload my build but still this problem persists. I have looked everywhere and I have not found anybody who has had this same problem. Is it maybe incorrectly displaying where the revenue is coming from? Also any time a test interstitial popped up on the simulator, I never clicked on it, always x'ed it out.

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There are various possibilities:

It is possible that also the test ads are counted.

Apple review team may be playing with the app.

You are not always connected to the test Ad service.