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Install Play! with activator on linux

I'm new with the framework Play! and Linux and I'm trying to install Play! scala.

I'm following the official tutorial (official play! tutorial)

But I have this problem :

when I run this command :

$ activator new my-first-app play-scala

I have this warning :

The program 'new' is currently not installed. You can install it by typing:
sudo apt-get install nmh

And when I run
sudo apt-get install nmh
It's said :
nmh is already the newest version.

(and I still have the same problem)

I also tried to run the activator UI, but I have an error as well :

Output key: !=unknown/error, -=none, 1=yes/on, 0=no/off

Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you in advance!

Edit : I had defined the PATH variable, but it has been canceled after that I closed the bash. It was the problem.

So I tried to define definitely the PATH variable with this command :

export PATH=$PATH

but it didn't work
I also tried this :

echo "export PATH=$PATH:/home/sim/Bureau/Site/play-2.2.3/" >> /etc/bash.bashrc

The line has been written in the bash.bashrc file, but it still doesn't work.
How can I define the PATH variable definitely?

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Answer Source

As stated in my comment, you'll want to add export PATH=$PATH:/full/path/to/activator/directory to your .bashrc file.

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