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Python Question

Iteration through hex string

I have such binary string:

some_bytes = b'Q\x00\xfdM\xf6\x02\x14M\x03'

I would like to iterate through elements of this string (do not have to print, may be do some action with

for x in some_bytes:
print (x, end=' ')

The code above print
81 0 253 77 246 2 20 77 3

but I want to see
\Q \x00 \xfd M \xf6 \x02 \x14 M \x03

How can I do it? I can not do
, because it raises

Answer Source
>>> for x in some_bytes:
...     print('{!r}'.format(bytes([x]))[2:-1], end=' ')
Q \x00 \xfd M \xf6 \x02 \x14 M \x03
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