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How can I add a click event to show a tooltip in an NVD3 Pie Chart?

There isn't much documentation on nvd3. In the following plunkr, the tooltip displays on a hover event. That's native to the framework. After reading other stackoverflow questions, one would use someting like the following to display the tooltip via a click versus the hover:

.on('click', function(d) {

How can I apply a click event to trigger the tooltip to display?

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So, first of all you have to set a css rule, because the tooltip element does not exist until the first mouse over.

Add to your style.css

.nvtooltip {
    display: none!important;

Then you need a callback function after the graph was created, so add the onready attribute to your nvd3 element like this

<nvd3 options="options" data="data" on-ready="callback"></nvd3>

And now you can implement your hack to open and close the tooltip, so add the callback function under your data object inside your app.js

$scope.callback = function(scope, element){
  // Add a click event
  d3.selectAll('.nv-slice').on('click', function(){
        this.style.setProperty('display', 'block', 'important');
  // Clear tooltip on mouseout
    this.addEventListener('mouseout', function(){
            this.style.setProperty('display', 'none', 'important');
    }, false);
  // we use foreach and event listener because the on('mouseout')
  // was overidding some other function

Here you are: http://plnkr.co/edit/7WkFK2LqzDyDmnIt2xlf?p=preview

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