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GDB:: Call Stack incomplete for overridden operator new function?

I have overridden the new(unsigned int) and delete(void*) operators to keep track and information about the heap manually as a learning process. Though I'm having trouble tracing the new operator function.

I am using CodeBlocks with GDB. Regardless whether I Step Into the operator function or I breakpoint into it, if I Step Into the return instruction, it fails to follow to the caller function. The Call Stack window does not display the caller function address either.

Any clue? Thanks in advance!

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Although there is not really enough information in the question to answer definitively, I'll venture a guess.

My guess is that you are trying to debug an optimized build, maybe even without debug symbols.

If you build without optimization (-O0) the generated code will more closely match the source since the optimizer won't have inlined functions, moved code around etc. And if you enable debug symbols (-g) the compiler will put more information into the binary that the debugger can use to give you more accurate information on symbols and values.

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