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Ruby Question

add child screen to parent screen with rmq

In the on_load method of HomeScreen class i want to do something like rmq.append(LoginScreen, :login_form). LoginScreen inherits from PM::FormScreen.
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Since I am not implementing initWithFrame in LoginScreen the app crashes.

This has been done in http://jamonholmgren.com/getting-started-with-motionkit-and-promotion/ but with motion kit. How can I achieve the same with rmq?

Answer Source

You're going to need to create an instance of the screen and then add its view.

def on_load
  @login_screen = LoginScreen.new
  addChildViewController @login_screen
  rmq.append(UIImageView, :logo)
  rmq.append(@login_screen.view, :login_form)

The addChildViewController ensures that lifecycle events are properly called on LoginScreen.

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