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What happened to Packet.setProperty() in (a)Smack 4.0?

Hi i am recently converting from aSmack 3.X to aSmack 4.0. In aSmack 4.0 it seems that the

method has been removed. Is there any documentation or examples of how to get this setting to the packet back in aSmack 4.0 as my system relies heavily on aSmack properties.

Thank you in advance.


Those methods where moved out of smack-core into smack-extensions with Smack 4. You now need to use JivePropertiesManager.getProperty(Packet, String) and JivePropertiesManager.addProperty(Packet, String) to add and get those.

More info about the API changes from Smack 3 to Smack 4 can be found at the official "Smack 4.0 Readme and Upgrade Guide".