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Laravel Eloquent Serialization: how to rename property?

For example, I have User model extending Eloquent. In the database table, the column name is


How do I output the result as 'userId' after reading?

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Add single "aliases" using attribute accessors

You can use attribute accessors to create "new attributes":

public function getUserIdAttribute(){
    return $this->attributes['user_id'];

This allows you to access the value this way: $user->userId

Now let's add the value to array / JSON conversion:

protected $appends = array('userId');

And finally hide the ugly user_id:

protected $hidden = array('user_id');

Convert all attribute names when converting to array / JSON

You can also use toArray() to change the all attribute names when converting the model into an array or JSON string.

public function toArray(){
    $array = parent::toArray();
    $camelArray = array();
    foreach($array as $name => $value){
        $camelArray[camel_case($name)] = $value;
    return $camelArray;
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