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Loopback: Multiple owners for a model with belongsTo relation

I am new to loopback. I am trying to learn & implement ACL.

I have one "PersistedModel" named 'Page'. I am using two different models as 'Employee' and 'Customer', both based on built-in 'User' model.

A page belongs to an 'Employee' as well as a 'Customer'. Both should be owners for a page. Customer & Employee both has many Pages. So, I have added following in relations:

"customer": {
"type": "belongsTo",
"model": "Customer",
"foreignKey": "customerId"
"employee": {
"type": "belongsTo",
"model": "Employee",
"foreignKey": "employeeId"

I want 'WRITE' permission only for owners. So, I have added following in acls:

"accessType": "WRITE",
"principalType": "ROLE",
"principalId": "$owner",
"permission": "ALLOW"

When I try a patch request, owner customer's request gets executed successfully. But, owner employee's request gets 'Authorization error'.

What am I doing wrong here?

Answer Source

LoopBack documentation is updated recently and they have added these two lines in a notice: (

LoopBack does not support multiple models based on the User model in a single application. That is, you cannot have more than one model derived from the built-in User model in a single app.

So basically, I should not have created two different models those are based on 'User' model. :(

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