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php/mysql - PDO prepared insert, does not work, and no error messages

I really have NO idea of what to do with this now, i have been staring at it for hours, and reqritten it.. i can't get it to work!.

class BlogDBM extends DBManager
private $table = "blog_records";
function saveRecord($title,$url,$desc,$feedId,$pubDate)
$PDO = $this->db->connect();

$query = $PDO->prepare("
INSERT INTO ".$this->table."
(title,url,desc,feed_id,pubdate) VALUES
$query->bindParam(":title", $title);
$query->bindParam(":url", $url);
$query->bindParam(":desc", $desc);
$query->bindParam(":feed_id", $feedId, PDO::PARAM_INT);
$query->bindParam(":pubdate", $pubDate, PDO::PARAM_INT);
//return $PDO->lastInsertId();

} catch(PDOException $e)
echo "Error " . $e->getMessage();


Answer Source

I'm pretty sure that mySQL chokes on the desc field name - it is a reserved word. You'd have to put it into "`" quotes or, better, change the field name.

As for error reporting, use the errorInfo method. You can make PDO actually output the result of a failed query in the exception, but the default behaviour - I think - is to throw an exception only if the query can't be made at all, but it doesn't fail if the query is faulty.

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