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UL list style not applying

I've got a stylesheet that will not, for whatever reason, apply list-style-type to a UL element. I'm using YUI's Grid CSS with their reset-fonts-grid.css file, which I know strips that out as part of the CSS reset.

After calling YUI, I call the stylesheet for the website and in there have a block for UL:

ul {list-style-type: disc;}

I've also tried setting it via list-style but get the same result. I know that the above CSS block is getting read as if I add things like padding or margins those do get applied. The style-type isn't showing up in either Firefox or IE.

The only other CSS I've applied to UL's are in a #nav div but that CSS doesn't touch the list-style-type, it uses the reset that YUI provided, and YUI and the site style sheet are the only two CSS sheets that are called.

I've also got FCKEditor on the admin side of the site and that editor does show the bullet styles so I know it has to be something with the CSS that isn't being filtered by FCKEditor.

Answer Source

If I'm not mistaken, you should be applying this rule to the li, not the ul.

ul li {list-style-type: disc;}
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