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I was asked to implement ctrl+mousewheel event for our page site in order to change image offset on user zoom in or zoom out. I found this old answer Override browsers CTRL+(WHEEL)SCROLL with javascript and I`ve tried to do the same.
I downloaded the jQuery Mouse Wheel Plugin for the implementation and here is my code:

var isCtrl = false;
$(document).on('keydown keyup', function(e) {
if (e.which === 17) {
isCtrl = e.type === 'keydown' ? true : false;
}).on('mousewheel', function(e, delta) { // `delta` will be the distance that the page would have scrolled;
// might be useful for increasing the SVG size, might not
if (isCtrl) {

The events works fine separately, but if I hold the CTRL button and wheel the mouse the wheel event does not fire.
Does any one have better solution for this or may be I did something wrong?
Thanks for help

Answer Source

This should work in quite some browser, dont have the time to test it atm.

Fiddle, In order for it to work you have to click in the result box first before trying.

$(window).bind('mousewheel DOMMouseScroll', function(event) 
    if(event.ctrlKey == true)
        if(event.originalEvent.detail > 0) {
         }else {
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