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Adding unique elements to an array without auxiliary variable in Ruby

I have an array of hashes like

@data_records = [
{"user": "user1", "key1": "v1k1", ... , "keyN": "v1kN"},
{"user": "user2", "key1": "v2k1", ... , "keyN": "v2kN"},
{"user": "user3", "key1": "v3k1", ... , "keyN": "v3kN"},
{"user": "user1", "key1": "v4k1", ... , "keyN": "v4kN"},
{"user": "user1", "key1": "v5k1", ... , "keyN": "v5kN"},
{"user": "user4", "key1": "v6k1", ... , "keyN": "v6kN"},

As you may see, I may have many 'records' for the same user. In the example above,
has three records, for instance.

Now I need, based on this array of hashes, to generate an array with a single entry for every user in it. I mean, I need

[ "user1", "user2", "user3", "user4" ]

but not

[ "user1", "user2", "user3", "user1", "user1", "user4" ].

I wrote the following piece of code, which does the job:

def users_array
arr = Array.new
@data_records.each { |item| arr.push(item["user"]) if not arr.include?(item["user"])}

But it bothers me the fact I must use the auxiliary variable
for this to work. I'm sure there is a shorter way to to this with
method. Since
returns an array, it could be something like

def users_array
@data_records.map { |item| item["user"] if ... }

The problem is I don't know how to mention the array I'm creating with
inside the block. I believe it could be something like

def users_array
@data_records.map { |item| item["user"] if not this.include?(item["user"]) }

but it doesn't work, of course.

Can someone tell if there is a way to do this?


Yes, I could use
to do this. But then I rephrase the question: Is there a way to refer to the implicit array created by
inside the map's block?

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Answer Source

Aetherus is the closest to answering your rephrased question and he should get all the credit for pointing out #each_with_object to get at the "implicit array." But here's something a little closer to what you're asking:

@data_records.each_with_object([]) do |item, this|
  this << item[:user] unless this.include?(item[:user])

I think using a Set:

Set.new(@data_records.map { |item| item[:user] })

or #uniq:

@data_records.map { |item| item[:user] }.uniq

will probably be faster and scale to a large number of items better, but I haven't benchmarked it.

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