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How to make MySQL use less memory?

I'm trying to make a database update with Drush to a Drupal 7 site with just a few nodes and 85 modules... As the update dies almost every time is clear that, for a VPS with 512MB with it's containerized services (mysql, nginx, php-fpm, etc.), there isn't enough memory...

Everytime MySQL gets killed by the kernel as far I can understand from the logs:

Out of memory: Kill process 4310 (mysqld)

My question is, how can I configure MySQL service to avoid it's "assassination"? What are the parameters in the MySQL configuration file to lower the memory consumption of the mysqld process?

I'm in DEV so I don't mind if the process becomes slow. I just want to know what parameters I have to tweak to survive the update process without increasing the memory.

Thanks for your help.

Answer Source

There are dozens of such parameters, you can find all of them with detailed description in the mysql server system variables documentation. In general, look for variables that have the word size in them. In particular, check out innodb_buffer_pool_size because the default value is 128MB and the recommended value on a dedicated server is 80% of the physical memory.

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