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PyQt4: How do you iterate all items in a QListWidget

Currently, I use the following while loop in a class that inherits QtGui.QListWidget to iterate all items:

i = 0
while i < self.count():
item = self.item(i)

i += 1

I was hoping I could use:

for item in self.items():

but the items() method wants a QMimeData object which I don't know how to construct to return all items. Is there a cleaner approach than my while loop above?

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I don't know what's it with the MIME type either, and I couldn't find a convenience method either. But you could write a simple method like this and be done:

def iterAllItems(self):
    for i in range(self.count()):
        yield self.item(i)

It's even lazy (a generator).