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Lock Android Device to Run Only One App

I was wondering if anyone had a relatively simple solution for us.

We created an app to be used by our clients on android devices that we give them.

We would like the client to only be able to use our app and have limited access to everything else (i.e. settings, email etc.) What is the best way to achieve this without using 3rd party apps.

Thank you in advance!

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This may not help but the L preview has a task locking feature included that may be of some insight, I'm not aware of how it functions as yet

Task locking

The L Developer Preview introduces a new task locking API that lets you temporarily restrict users from leaving your app or being interrupted by notifications. This could be used, for example, if you are developing an education app to support high stakes assessment requirements on Android. Once your app activates this mode, users will not be able to see notifications, access other apps, or return to the Home screen, until your app exits the mode.


Hope this helped

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