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How merge sub branch to main branch using clearcase command line under linux?

I want to merge all the files labelled with

in sub branch
to main branch.

The main branch do not update since
branched out, so the merge task is just replace all changed files with sub branch files.

How can I do this using ClearCase command line (
) under Linux?

Answer Source

You can use the command cleartool findmerge for that.

The key is to use a view which select those files:

element * MYLABEL
element * /main/LATEST

And use -ftag yourLabelView

You can also directly use -fver YourLabel (meaning, no need to have a special dedicated view)

Go to a dynamic view set on /main, and do a:

cd /view/MyView/vobs/MyVob
cleartool findmerge . -fver MyLabel -whynot -print

The -whynot and -print allow you to preview what would be merge and see if that fits what you expect.

Once the preview seems good:

cleartool findmerge . -c "Merge MyLabel on main" –fver MyLabel –merge
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