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How to ignore empty lines while using .next_sibling in BeautifulSoup4 in python

As i want to remove duplicated placeholders in a html website, i use the .next_sibling operator of BeautifulSoup. As long as the duplicates are in the same line, this works fine (see data). But sometimes there is a empty line between them - so i want .next_sibling to ignore them (have a look at data2)

That is the code:

from bs4 import BeautifulSoup, Tag
data = "<p>method-removed-here</p><p>method-removed-here</p><p>method-removed-here</p>"
data2 = """<p>method-removed-here</p>




soup = BeautifulSoup(data)
string = 'method-removed-here'
for p in soup.find_all("p"):
while isinstance(p.next_sibling, Tag) and 'p' and p.text==string:

Output for data is as expected:


Output for data2 (this needs to be fixed):






I couldn't find useful information for that in the BeautifulSoup4 documentation and .next_element is also not what i am looking for.

Answer Source

I could solve this issue with a workaround. The problem is described in the google-group for BeautifulSoup and they suggest to use a preprocessor for html-files:

 def bs_preprocess(html):
     """remove distracting whitespaces and newline characters"""
     pat = re.compile('(^[\s]+)|([\s]+$)', re.MULTILINE)
     html = re.sub(pat, '', html)       # remove leading and trailing whitespaces
     html = re.sub('\n', ' ', html)     # convert newlines to spaces
                                        # this preserves newline delimiters
     html = re.sub('[\s]+<', '<', html) # remove whitespaces before opening tags
     html = re.sub('>[\s]+', '>', html) # remove whitespaces after closing tags
     return html 

That's not the very best solution but one.

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