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Sass (Sass) Question

Rounding numbers in Sass and adjusting the amount of decimals

Is their a way in sass to change the digit that rounding occurs on, I would like to stop rounding of a number like this 2.0242914979757085% to this 2.024%. I would like to adjust the amount of decimals in the output css

Answer Source

From the SASS change logs:

The numeric precision of numbers in Sass can now be set using the --precision option to the command line. Additionally, the default number of digits of precision in Sass output can now be changed by setting Sass::Script::Number.precision to an integer (defaults to 3). Since this value can now be changed, the PRECISION constant in Sass::Script::Number has been deprecated. In the unlikely event that you were using it in your code, you should now use Sass::Script::Number.precision_factor instead.

This was added in SASS 3.1.8.

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